13 – Best Motivational Books Of All Time To Do Something In Life

best motivational books of all time
best motivational books of all time
Best motivational books of all time

Best Motivational Books Of All Time

 I’m here with a list of the 5 Best Motivational Books Of All Time you can find out there when your motivation is lacking to the point it’s hard to get out of bed there’s nothing like a book that fills you with an energy that makes you want to conquer the world.

Where does your motivation come from you could say family friends or a personal goal but sometimes we need an extra push to develop good habits.

To make this list a book needed to have something important to say it needed to grab the reader by the wrist and pull them through its pages Making them desire more than anything to take action and to make changes in their lives.

So without further wasting the time let’s get started

 (1) You are a bad ass

How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life by Jen Cicero gem Cicero offers 27 short chapters packed with captivating stories humor and sound advice.

They contain simple exercises to help you identify and get rid of the self-sabotaging thoughts that are stopping you from becoming successful.

After reading this book you will have a better understanding of why you act the way you do and how to accept the things you cannot change while this book doesn’t offer much advice that can’t be found in other self-help titles it’s presented in a fun and matter-of-fact way that is meant to entertain as much as inspire.

Cicero is a talented writer but her edgy style comes with some critical language that may be offensive to some however if you go past its initial shock value this book offers a quick shot of motivation.

  (2) Grit

grit motivational book

Best Motivational Books Of All Time – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duck worth – Psychologist Angela Duck worth shows how readers that the secret to success is something.

She refers to as grants a blend of passion and persistence in grit Duck worth tells all sorts of stories to illustrate her point her own cadets tales of struggle teachers experiences in inner city schools and even the thoughts of high achievers such as JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

You’ll connect with Duck worth’s personal and insightful writing as she explains why ones efforts are so important for a long-term goal how passion and perseverance can be learned and how one can trigger a lifelong interest for their craft.

 (3) Choose Yourself By James Earle touch

I have been a fan of James Arthur chess books and his excellent podcast for many years for those of you who aren’t familiar with him James is a serial entrepreneur having started as many as 20 different companies.

This brilliant really nice guy is also great at transforming some complex thinking into digestible bits the rest of us can easily understand I love many of his books but choose yourself remains my favorite because of its straight forward message.

When it comes to what you should invest in to achieve success he says choose yourself showcasing real-life interviews and case studies James shows that the time is now for entrepreneurs to succeed if they invest their energy in themselves a wonderful book sure to motivate you to make the most of your own talents.

(4) Now discover your strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton

This is a follow-up book to Clifton’s fast break all the rules his theories show up here again to help the reader discover what their strengths and talents are for the author’s the story that we can be anyone we want to be is a myth.

You may be a little shocked at first but they come up with a freeing arguments that will change the way you approach life for instance should you focus your energy on criticizing your child’s bad grades or should you use that energy to encourage them in the subjects that they show interest in and let that strength grow through their many years of study the author’s motivates you to think differently instead of following callings that are likely to be dead ends.

It’s better to pursue the things that you are naturally wired to do this will result in a happier and more successful life.

(5) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Originally published during the Great Depression this classic book is about the art of convincing yourself to become wealthy and what steps you should take and avoid in the process.

Hill argues that 99% of people don’t have a goal in life and are therefore trapped in job does that make them unhappy but that’s not set in stone he says like Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie.

Most people only achieve fortune and success until later in life or at least after the age of 40 one of his many proposed theories is transmutation that is the transference of energy of one’s libido into other purposes that are aimed at acquiring wealth even though reviews are mixed Hill comes up with a lot of captivating points and intriguing ideas regardless of your background.

So, these are best motivational books of all time which will help you to get motivation in your life. I hope you have liked this blog. You can share it with your friends.

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