First Meteor Shower Of 2019 Will On Peak Tonight


The first meteor shower of 2019 year will peak Thursday night, according to the astronomy web site the best time to watch the Quadrantid shower is from late night January three until dawn on January four.

The Quadrantids have been known to produce some Fifty to Hundred meteors in a dark sky. However, the peak will only last a few hours.

The exact peak of the shower, according to the International Meteor Organization, will be at 2:00 a.m. UTC, when skygazers in Europe might get the best view.

The meteor shower is expected to be visible within the northern hemisphere, especially mid-northern and far-northern latitudes, if weather conditions permit. There will not be much moonlight to interfere. but notes that predicting the peak of a meteor shower is just an educated guess.

The Quadrantids meteor shower isn’t the only astronomical event happening this month. just some days later, a partial solar eclipse will happen this weekend. However, a small sliver of Alaska is the only part of the U.S. which will have a view of it before dusk January five. The eclipse will be visible to people across most of Asia on January 6.

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And later this month, be sure and look skyward for a sighting of a supermoon lunar eclipse. reports the nearest approach of the full moon will coincide with a total eclipse on January twenty one. There will not be another total lunar eclipse till may 2021.

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