343 employee heavily teases Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC


A 343 Industries employee has basically confirmed that the Xbox One exclusive Halo anthology Halo: The Master Chief Collection is headed towards the PC. This came from a conversation between a Reddit user and follows another leak for the elusive PC port.

343 Industries took over the helm of the Halo franchise way back in 2012 with the divisive Halo 4. After that, the Microsoft game studio took their time and brought back the Bungie-developed Halo games on Microsoft’s new console with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It was a great way to experience the Halo series under Bungie and we really liked it.

A lot changed over at Microsoft since those days and the tech company has long changed their stance at keeping their first-party titles confined on their Xbox consoles. Under the leadership of Phil Spencer, Xbox One and PC has seen an unprecedented crossover with former exclusive games like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Gears of War 4 appearing on PC.

Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program enabled customers to buy a Xbox version of a game and be able to play it both on console and PC. A major move to merge userbases and break down platform borders. Naturally, PC gamers have long set their sights in the Xbox’s premier franchise, Halo. It’s already confirmed that the new Halo Infinite will launch on PC but getting access to the classic titles is still high on the wishlist of the PC audience.

One such gamer half-jokingly asked on Reddit about The Master Chief Collection for PC and promised a pizza for the first 343 Industries employee that answered him.

Usually, companies won’t even address such things jokingly in fear of a PR backlash. But this time, a 343 Industries employee did reply. Even further, he even tweeted a slice of pizza. This is highly unlikely to be just a joke and we’re firmly expecting Microsoft to soon let the cat out of the bag in the near future.

Via- Gamezone

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