5 Movies That People Don’t Want to watch


People are very crazy to watch movies there are so many movies to watch,But there are some movies which people don,t like to watch..

Luckily for us many of these banned movies have  leaked and uploaded on internet, and we can watch the stories that were kept hidden for years. For better or worse. Worse. It is definitely worse.

(1) Nazis Tried To Change History In Homecoming (1939)

In this movie, Germans living in Poland are treated like second class citizens. They are eventually  tortured, arrested, and put in cages by the Polish. Of course, they also spend the full movie movie talking about how people wish they could go back to the oh-so-wonderful German motherland.

(2) Disney Said UFOs  Real In Alien Encounters From New Tomorrow land (1995)

 Film was actually filmed as  promotional video for Alien Encounter ride in Walt Disney World, but putting it on TV would send kids into a panic that little green men coming to get them. worse, imagine if you one of the few kids who actually saw this on TV, and it never showed up again? We can imagine kids who actually saw it grew up to become fans of Ancient Aliens.
(3) George Lucas Wanted To Destroy All Copies Of Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

(3) Johnny Depp Nearly Ruined His Career with The Brave(1997)

In 1990s  two first time filmmakers were trying to make a movie called The Brave and they were successfully working together with Touch tone Pictures. They speedily had to cancel the project because one of the producer murdered his wife and daughter. that will do it. It would seem that the movie was cursed, but that did not stop them from reaching out to johnny Deep to see if he would be interested in help them to save the project.

(4) Haxan (1922) Was Too Scary For Audiences To Handle

A silent horror movie called Haxan or Witch in English, was Swedish  documentary directed by Benjamin Christensen about witchcraft throughout history of mankind. They were trying to educate people about superstitions of demons and witchcraft has existed since the earliest civilizations. In film, actors recreated scenes of the stories told about witches, like torture people,commit child sacrifice and women who sell their soul to the devil.

(5) Return of the Ewok (1982)

Return of Ewok was Mockumentary starring 11-year old Warwick Davis. Film was blend of fantasy and reality pretending to be a behind scenes look at how Davis scored role of the Ewok named Wicket during \making of Return of the Jedi.

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5 Movies That People Don't Want to watch
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