Artificial Moon China Launching In Space

Artificial Moon
Artificial Moon

A Chinese city has started a amazing master plan to launch artificial moon in universe and it can be done in next two years..

According to the news Chengdu capital of the Sichuan province proposed a plan to launch artificial moon or illumination satellite in space. The moon may be eight times more shining than the Earth’s actual moon inventing an lucky chance for  streets of Chengdu to be brighten by the satellite as a replacement of street lights.

It is  not first time that humans are trying to launch a light reflecting object like moon into the sky but in the past most plans are failed and ended with failure.

How It Works Artificial Moon

According to the local reports of Asia Times,  city has been estimate technology beyond an artificial moon for years and has trial it sufficient to feel it is ready for launch.Moon is made with reflective coating that can send the sun’s light rays back to the Earth and will cover area of Six miles to Fifty miles. Scientist on the ground are able control diameter of light to make sure it focuses exactly on the city. 

Worried Citizen

Chengdu’s artificial moon has up to now  met with analysis from scoffer and worried citizens who claim that light will have side effects on animal and astronomical observation.

If Chengdu will get approval for the artificial moon and really launch it in space in the next two years the city is great full and it will help it save money on lightning its streets. The city also assumed that tourists will like more to visit to see how moon works at night.

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Artificial Moon China Launching In Space
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