British Scientist Have Noticed A Mysterious Sound From Space

Mysterious Sound From Space

British scientists have received and decoded the mysterious sounds from space, which at first proved to be too tough for researchers.

About it writes portal vladtime.

To understand them it had been possible only after a thorough analysis. The received sounds are echoes of the storms on the Sun. when the light disturbance, the electrons penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field and produce there a wierd sound. Scientists have decoded the signals, process them, turning in the media.

Researcher Nigel Meredith says that people can’t hear in space because sound is that the vibration of small particles of air. the reason for the mysterious “songs” are electromagnetic waves. to hear mysterious sounds from outer space without special equipment won’t work.

Only after process and turning them into media files the human ear begins to understand the echoes of the storms on the Sun. fixed signals station in Antarctica is used to predict the weather in several regions of the earth.

Previously, “triangular UFO” recorded by eyewitnesses on the U.S. military base in Ohio.

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