Delhi Metro News: Delhi Metro is ready to speed up, 3500 rounds in lockdown

Delhi Metro News After the lockdown, there was no problem with maintenance, so the Delhi Metro has made 3500 trips during the lockdown.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s trains have been stalled for more than a month due to the lockdown continuing amid the fear of Corona virus infection. 

Meanwhile, Delhi Metro completed 26 years of establishment on 3 May (Sunday), but due to the lockdown, this achievement did not come into the limelight. At the same time, the Delhi Metro is fully ready to operate as soon as the government approves the lockdown. 

Metro speeds without lockdown

Please tell that since the lockdown, the operation of the Delhi Metro trains is completely closed and the metro trains which are full of passengers are standing in place. Meanwhile, there were no problems with maintenance, so the Delhi Metro has made 3500 trips during the lockdown. The series will continue till May 17.

Metro ready to speed up on getting permission

According to DMRC officials, we are ready for this whenever the Delhi Metro operation will be started. There was no problem in starting the metro operations.

 For this, despite the lockdown, trains are being operated in between. The objective of operating metro trains is to remove any possible technical glitches already. 

264 metro stations and 14 depots ready for train operation

It is being told that whenever the DMRC gets the order, it will start operating the trains. There was no obstruction in the operation of metro trains, hence trains are being run on the track during the lockdown. 

Not only this, but the preparation of DMRC can also be gauged from the fact that 264 stations and 14 depots of Delhi Metro have been prepared in such a way that the trains can start operating as soon as they are approved.

During the Delhi Metro lockdown, at least 2 trains were run from both ends on most routes and technical aspects were investigated. During this time services like traction, signaling, telecommunication along the metro track were also investigated.

Also know

  • Staff have been deployed in view of signal, electrical, telecommunication and track during the lockdown.
  • A station manager and station controller oversees unmanned stations once a week. 
  • Operates 24 hours in the operation control center of Metro Bhawan and Shastri Park.

Significantly, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation celebrated its foundation day on May 3 with great simplicity. DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh congratulated his 15,000 employees of Delhi Metro. 

He said in his message that we have worked hard to celebrate our Foundation Day through social media. As an institution, we should be very proud of what we have achieved on this special day. Before the services were suspended in March, Delhi Metro has done 60 lakh journeys. 

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