NASA floppy disks found in space


A sign of the times and a testament to the age of the International space station. an astronaut has found old NASA floppy disks in space.
This month the International space station turned twenty, and as a fitting mark of this day of remembrance, a european space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst has stumbled across a reminder of that long history and of however technology has progressed. this is a folder packed with old floppy disks, as CNET has reported .

The International space station may be a habitable satellite settled in low Earth orbit. the first a part of the space station was launched into orbit in 1998, and therefore the final module was completed in 2011. Despite the long history, the space station is predicted to work till 2028.
Facts concerning the International space station are spectacular. it’s the biggest human-made body in low Earth orbit and it will sometimes be with the eye from Earth. the most crew is six people, and the current crew is 3 – known as Expedition fifty seven. The mass of the space station is 419,725 kilograms and it’s 72.8 meters long.

Despite having undergone varied technological developments, the invention of the floppy disks permits from a contrast to be drawn with life on the station these days and its past. definitely astronaut Gerst was thrilled, as he tweeted: “I found a locker on the @Space_Station that most likely hasn’t been opened for a moment.” according to The Verge, additionally to a Norton’s Utilities for Windows ninety five / ninety eight, the folder conjointly included a few disks labeled “Crew Personal Support data Disk.”

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