Is Xiaomi users’ personal data being stolen?


If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, then this news may bother you. Cybersecurity experts claim that the data of Xiaomi smartphone users are being stolen. Especially the data of users is being secretly stolen by Mi Browser. According to the Forbes report, all the activity done on Xiaomi users’ phones is being recorded by the company and the data is being stored in China. However, after this, Mani Kumar Jain, Vice President of Xiaomi, clarified that the data of users is not being collected without their permission. Mi Browser and all Mi Internet products are completely secure and data is being stored in the local servers of India.

In addition to the cyber security expert reported by Forbes, another cyber security expert Andrew Tierney has also released a video through his Cybergibbons Twitter handle to show how Xiaomi’s smartphones also support users in Incognito Mode. Collecting data.

According to a Forbes report, cybersecurity expert Cirlig tested it on the Redmi Note 8 and found that the data browsed on this smartphone is being stored in Alibaba’s data server in China. Alibaba is a cloud data company whose servers Xiaomi rents. The cybersecurity expert claims that many types of device data are being recorded and sent to servers in China. The data of every website visited by the default Mi Browser that comes with Xiaomi’s smartphones are being stored. According to his claim, web browsing data accessed by his Incognito Mode is also being stored. 

Let us tell you that the History Browser does not store the website to be browsed in Incognito Mode of any browser. Therefore, Incognito Mode is recommended for private browsing, so that users can avoid problems like data theft. Apart from this, the data of the folder that can be accessed in Xiaomi’s device is also being stored. Not only this, the data accessed by the screen swipe and the status bar is also stored by Xiaomi’s remote server.

However, after this report came, Xiaomi’s Global Vice President Manu Kumar Jain has released a video clarifying that the news is fake and that Xiaomi’s smartphone and Mi Browser are completely safe. Manu Jain has released a link to the video and a note for Mi Fans via Twitter, in which he said that users need not be afraid. He highlighted in his note that the reputed international third party company and organization TrustArc and the British Standard Institution (BIS) have certified the security and privacy practices of Xiaomi’s smartphones, including Mi Apps and Browser. For Indian users, he has written in his note that his data is stored only in local servers in India.

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