Latest Space News Interesting Things Discovered In space

latest space news

Scientist always try to discover the new things in space this week new interesting things are discovered in space.. Lets see what new things scientist discovered. 

Galaxies merged together 
Latest space news.

Scientists were ready to witness one thing unique recently. They finally have proof that black holes merge. Astronomers observed varied galaxies unite in the type of a large part. you’ll be able to see pictures of it take by the optics system of the W.M. Keck Observatory.

Seeing the pairs of merging galaxy nuclei related to these large black holes thus close together was pretty wonderful,” said Michael Koss, a research scientist at Eureka Scientific. “In our study, we see 2 galaxy nuclei right once the pictures were taken. You can’t argue with it; it’s a really ‘clean’ result, that doesn’t believe interpretation.

The fountain-like black hole

A black hole discovered at the middle of the Abell 2597 galaxy amazes us with its fountain like movements. Cold molecular gas falls into the black hole and so jets of it are sprayed back out.

Galaxy evolution are often pretty chaotic, and large galaxies like this have a tendency to live hard and die young.For the first time we’ve been able to observe the complete cycle of a supermassive black hole fountain, that acts to manage this method, prolonging the life of galaxies, declared Timothy Davis of cardiff University’s school of Physics and astronomy.

Galaxies Die

latest space news

Astronomers are witnessing the death of the tiny galaxy, that is a dwarf galaxy. It seems that the galaxy doesn’t have power to make stars any more. “Galaxies that stop forming stars gradually fade out into oblivion.

It’s kind of a slow death for a galaxy if it loses all of its gas,” said Naomi McClure-Griffiths of The Australian National University’s research school of astronomy and astrophysics. it’s believed that the Milky Way can eat this galaxy.

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Latest Space News Interesting Things Discovered In space
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