Lockdown 3.0: Someone took liquor in a car trunk and sacks in the sack, till the afternoon the stock was finished Gorakhpur News

There was a huge crowd at the shops as soon as the liquor shops opened in Gorakhpur on Monday. 
By the afternoon, the liquor stock at many shops was over.

All liquor shops in Gorakhpur opened from 10 am to 10.30 am. There was a lot of confusion since Sunday about not opening shops. On Sunday night, in the DM’s Common Guidelines, there was a mention that no new exemption will be given in Lockdown 3.0, that is, liquor shops will also not open. 

But the hopes of the wine lovers remained and people kept hoping that Gorakhpur is in the Orange Zone, so there will be some relief. People were hopeful that liquor shops would open on Monday and their hopes were fulfilled and the DM issued an order to open the shops in the morning. 

The order to open the shops was issued around ten o’clock in the morning, but the shops were lined up from eight o’clock. Stocks came to an end by noon at many stores.

Shops will open with these rules

The vendors sitting at the shop have been instructed to apply masks and globs. However, all the shops in the city could not comply. Apart from this, there was a directive not to go more than five persons at the shop together, but people ignored the physical distance and made purchases of liquor.

513 liquor shops in Gorakhpur

During the lockdown, all the liquor shops in the district were sealed by the Prohibition Department for illegal sale of liquor from shops. 

There are a total of 513 liquor shops in the district, including 12 model shop. After getting orders from District Collector K. Vijayendra Pandian, the seal started withdrawing from liquor shops from 10 am. 

The shops have been instructed to open from 10 am to 7 pm with different conditions. In this, both the customer and seller must follow these conditions. To prevent corona infection, it has been instructed to make shells on six-six fits outside liquor shops, but the shells were made at a distance of one meter each.

Must wear mask

Alcohol enthusiasts did not follow physical distance even after this. Customers will stand in these goals to adopt physical distance. Everyone must wear a mask. Sanitizer will have to be kept at shops.

 However, people did not appear to follow it at the shops. People had reached all the shops before the shop opened. People started competing as soon as the shop opened. With the exception of most, there were many people who bought several bottles of liquor.

 Even people shopped for alcohol without wearing masks. District Excise Officer VP Singh says that the shops have been opened with all the rules. Rules are being followed by both the seller and the customer.

Shops will open for a week even after not renewing

There are 15 liquor shops in the district which have not been renovated. These shops will also be opened for one week to clear stock. The stock of alcohol will be left after one week. It will be destroyed as per rules.

There are so many liquor shops in the district

Model SHAP-12

Country Liquor Shops-279



Long lines of shops in Deoria also

In Deoria, there was a rush of amateurs as soon as shops opened. Although fond of alcohol, he was seen following the physical distance even in the hot sun. Police personnel were also deployed for security at the shops.

People had received information about opening of liquor shops a day earlier. A crowd of people gathered at the English liquor shop on the city’s Kachhri Road from eight in the morning.

 The salesmen had already pulled the ball to follow the physical distance there. 45 people were standing here even before the shop opened at ten o’clock in the morning. The same condition was seen on the model shop at Rudrapur Mor. Apart from this, crowds of people were also seen at Model Shape, English Liquor Store, Malviya Road, Station Road on CC Road in the city. 

There are a total of five models in the district, 161 country liquor, 83 beer, and 83 English liquor shops. All these shops were opened.

Here is the model

There are modelshapes at three places in the Sadar area, including CC Road, Bhatwalia, Gopalpur in the city. Whereas in the Salempur suburb there are modelshop shops near the Purchase Sales Committee and in a Rudrapur town. 

While there is an English liquor shop in Malviya Road, Kachhari Chouraha, Station Road.

Bars won’t open

There is also a bar in Deoria, where there is a provision of drinking. The government has not given permission to open this bar located in the railway station road of the city.

Complaint of overcharging

As soon as the liquor shops opened, the Excise Department started receiving complaints about charging more than some places.

 Apart from the UP-Bihar border, a model shop in the city and an English liquor shop also received such complaints, then the team of Excise Department arrived to investigate. Excise officials say that now liquor shops will open every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

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