Elon Musk Unveils His First Los Angeles-Area Tunnel

Showtime for Elon Musk’s Tunnel
Showtime for Elon Musk’s Tunnel
photo by Robyn Beck

Elon Musk on Tuesday took a break from futuristic electric cars and private space travel to unveil a low-priced tunnel he sees as a godsend for city traffic.

The billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX late Tuesday place the spotlight on the a 1.14 mile (1.8 kilometer) tunnel created by his Boring Company for about $10 million.

The sample tunnel is part element} of Musk’s vision to have an underground network that cars, preferably Teslas, may be lowered to by lifts then slotted into tracks and propelled along at speeds up to one hundred fifty mph (241 kmh).

“The only way to solve this is to go 3D, for the transport system to match the living quarters,” Musk said of solving the matter of traffic congestion in urban areas.

“It’s all relatively simple, no Nobel prize is needed here.”

An entrance to a sample tunnel was shown publicly for the first time in this town close to los angeles as the initial stage of Musk’s project to revolutionize town traffic by zipping along below congested streets.

Musk founded the Boring company 2 years ago as a self-financed, side-endeavor to his work at Tesla and SpaceX.

Specially designed equipment drills tunnels wide enough to accommodate a car on a track. The network envisioned is an infinitely expandable mesh of tunnels and elevators capable of having over 4,000 cars pass through per hour.

The deepest mines are deeper than the tallest buildings, Said Musk

“The profound breakthrough is very simple: it is the ability to turn a normal car into a passively stable vehicle by adding the deployable tracking wheels, stabilizing wheels, so that it will travel at high speed through a small tunnel.”

Tunnels can eventually be open to all compatible self-driving electrical vehicles, but for now Boring is victimisation Teslas in the tube.

The idea for the project came to the billionaire of South African origin when he was fuming at the wheel of his car, trapped in traffic jams between his chic Bel Air villa and the SpaceX offices in Hawthorne.

It is a journey that takes him more than ninety minutes and he considered soul-crushing.

The “tunnel test” unveiled Tuesday appeared simple: a narrow tube, only 3.65m in diameter (12 feet), freshly painted white, in which a Tesla Model X is fitted with tracking wheels to remain in a track and avoid bumping the walls.

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