Robbins Seeks New Site for Star Party(MASP)

mid atlantic south party(MASP)
mid atlantic south party(MASP)

The mid Atlantic Star Party (MASP) was an annual regional gathering of amateur astronomers (star party) held every fall around October close to Robbins, North Carolina.

MASP History

First held in 1995, MASP is found in one of the darkest spots on the eastern U.S. coast and is that the largest annual gathering of amateur astronomers between Vermont’s Stellafane and Florida’s Winter Star Party.[1]

Modern times

With attendance usually listing in the lots of,[2] M.A.S.P was held at the Occoneechee Council Boy Scout camp for the primary decade of operation before programming conflicts forced a site amendment.[3][4] The star party has become a spotlight of the city of Robbins’ economic and cultural designing process[5] and has spurred the creation of a regional “dark park” to manage light pollution.[6]

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