NASA reported revealed the mysterious black hole

Glimpse a Luminous Object
Glimpse a Luminous Object
Image via Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

A black hole is at a distance of 10 000 light years from Earth. In March of last year at NASA with the aid of survey instruments on the International space station caught a black hole.

Astrophysicists said that the hole is at a distance ten thousand light-years from our planet. The black hole was been noticed by scientists in a time when she “devoured” the star. further astronomers have observed a unique process -the hole started to shrink in size.

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One of the researchers stated that this was the first time scientists were able to observe the reduction of the crown of a black hole during a specific phase of the evolution of the surge.

The primary scientists now have proof that the structure of the corona of a black hole can change its size because of certain factors.

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Research scientist at Institute of astrophysics and space research, Massachusetts Institute of technology Jack Steiner declared that this observation is new and vital discovery in the nascent study of black holes.

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