Unexpected Statement About Global Warming By Scientists

Next Geologic Age Global Warming

Severe storms and record snowfalls begin in time for Christmas. along with this, the scientists noticed that the Arctic and Antarctic greatly improved. Moreover, in them there were twenty five new areas with permafrost.

Since the beginning of the formation of the earth concerning 4.5 billion years agone, it passed at least five ice ages that are officially documented.

The last time our planet was freezing, around 110 000 years ago, and melted the ice around 9700 BC era. However, recent arguments have prompted researchers to believe that soon the ice age will happen once more.

It would seem that this theory is absurd, they say the world is in danger of freezing rather than global warming, that is all so much “waiting”. However, recent weather information and NASA research gave way for reason. All this confirms the expected weather. the fact that the american Christmas Day, December twenty five, expected heavy blizzards and snow.

The snow is thus strong that maybe even set a record. experts believe that to this day the glacial period can begin, and then the whole planet will supposedly begin to slowly freeze.

According to the researchers, according to the weather forecast in the low-pressure system will be lifting moisture.

The result’s the same Il will be absorbed by the snow, and we aren’t talking about 5-7 cm, and a minimum of 2.5 inches of rain per hour. By Christmas the weather will only get worse, as forecasters expect strong Blizzard.

It should be noted that this theory was confirmed by scientists from the Arctic research division of NOAA. according to their reports, the Arctic and the Antarctic there were twenty five areas which were formed in permafrost.

Along with this, NASA also has conducted studies of the ice and came to the conclusion that in East Antarctica the melting of giant glaciers came in stable condition.

As for the North Pole and its mass of cold water will also become more stable, though the glaciers and melted to record levels.

Improving the state of the glaciers on Earth and the worsening winter weather has LED some researchers to conclude that fear isn’t so much global warming as the ice age, that is much worse impact on the population of the planet.

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