Study: Lasers Could Help Earth Attract Aliens

Attract Aliens
Attract Aliens

Attract Aliens

The hunt for intelligent life within the universe has apparently been lacking one thing–a killer laser light show.

A new study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that if we harness laser technology and flip the switch to blast a beam of light into area, we simply may attract the eye of aliens. within the study, revealed in the astrophysical Journal, James Clark, a grad student in MIT’s Department of astronautics and aeronautics, argues that focusing the beam of a 1- to 2-megawatt optical maser through a telescope and aiming it toward space might turn out an interstellar Bat Signal of kinds, permitting our planet to face out next to the sunshine of the sun.

The laser light show might announce the presence of principally intelligent life to extraterrestrials loitering in star systems up to twenty,000 light years away, Clark says during a statement. Apparently E.T.s, like cats, simply can’t control themselves around lasers and need to investigate them once they see them. “I don’t know if intelligent creatures around the sun would be their 1st guess,” Clark says, “but it might definitely attract more attention.” Once contact was created, Clark says the lasers might probably be accustomed send Morse code-like message via light pulses.

“With current survey strategies and instruments, it’s unlikely that we’d really be lucky enough to image a beacon flash, assumptive that extraterrestrials exist and are creating them,” Clark says. “However, because the infrared spectra of exoplanets ar studied for traces of gases that indicate the viability of life, and as full-sky surveys attain larger coverage and become additional fast, we are able to be more sure that, if E.T. is phoning, we’ll discover it.”

Of course, shining a giant-ass laser (technical term!) into space will have its risks. for example, are we have a tendency to positive we wish to attract aliens that are attracted to laser beams like moths? Haven’t we have a tendency to all seen Mothra? because this is often how you get Mothra.

Also, if you’re planning to have a laser light show in space so how do you recognize if aliens like Zeppelin or Pink Floyd? Clark admits this would be a harder project however not an impossible one.

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Study: Lasers Could Help Earth Attract Aliens
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