Longest Bridge In India-Top 10(With Detail)

Godavari Bridge

Longest Bridge In India Above Water

(1)Munger Ganga Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

Munger Ganga Bridge
credit-news 18

Munger Ganga Bridge on of the Longest Bridge In India , is a rail-cum-road bridge across the river, at Munger within the Indian state of Bihar.

Connects Munger District Munger-Jamalpur Twin Cities to varied districts of North Bihar. Munger Ganga Bridge is that the third rail-cum-road bridge over Ganga in Bihar.

The 3.692-kilometer-long (2.294 mi) bridge cost accounting Rs. 9,300 million is located fifty five kilometer downstream of the Rajendra Setu close to Mokama and sixty eight kilometer upstream of the Vikramshila Setu at Bhagalpur.  

Ganga Bridge can type a link between New Hampshire eighty on the southern facet of the river and New Hampshire thirty one on the northern facet of the river.

Connects Jamalpur Junction and Ratanpur stations on the Sahibganj Loop line of jap Railway through a brand new junction specifically Sabdalpur Junction on north finish of bridge to Sahebpur Kamal and Umeshnagar close to Khagaria Junction on the Barauni-Katihar section of East Central Railway.

Bridge connects districts of Begusarai and Khagaria to the Divisional headquarters Munger town.

Longest Bridge In India

Construction work on the bridge was inaugurated by Atal Sanskritic language Vajpayee, Prime Minister, through video conference system, in 2002.Bridge was formally opened for freight trains on twelve March 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It had been finally opened for traveler trains on eleven April 2016 by Minister of state for Railways, Manoj Sinha by tired off Begusarai-Jamalpur DEMU train.

In his inaugural speech the MOS Mr. Manoj Sinha declared that the bridge are going to be named “Sri Krishna Setu” within the honour of the Premier and first Chief Minister of Bihar Dr. Srikrishna Sinha “Sri Babu”.

Road on bridge is complete too however approach roads aren’t prepared because of lack of land acquisition.

(2)The Godavari Bridge or Kovvur–Rajahmundry Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

Godavari Bridge
Godavari Bridge

Godavari Bridge or Kovvur–Rajahmundry Bridge is bridge  spanning Godavari river in Rajahmundry, India.

Asia’s third longest road-cum-rail bridge crossing a water body, once the Digha–Sonpur rail–road bridge in Patna, Bihar, india and Sky Gate Bridge R in Kansai International flying field, Osaka.

It’s second of the 3 bridges that span the Godavari river at Rajahmundry. The cloth covering Bridge being the earliest, was inbuilt 1897, and having served its full utility, was decommissioned in 1997.  

Newest bridge is that the Godavari Arch Bridge, a bowstring-girder bridge, inbuilt 1997 and presently in commission.

Godavari Bridge is four.1 kilometers (2.8 kilometer Rail half .1 kilometer Road part) long consisting of twenty seven spans of ninety one.5 m and seven spans of forty five.72 m of that six spans of forty five.72m ar in six deg.

Curve at long Rajahmundry finish to create up for the engineered up area. The bridge features a road deck over the one track rail deck, just like the Grafton Bridge in New South Wales, Australia.

Kovvur–Rajahmundry  bridge, additionally to Godavari Arch Bridge, has been wide wont to represent Rajahmundry in arts, media, and culture. it’s one amongst the recognized symbols of Rajahmundry.

(3)Arrah–Chhapra Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

Arrah–Chhapra Bridge
credit-SP Singla Constructions

Arrah–Chhapra Bridge reduced the gap between Chapra and Arrah from a hundred thirty kilometer to forty kilometer.

Greatly reduce the distance of Arrah, Aurangabad and Bhabhua districts from Siwan, Chhapra and Gopalganj districts.Folks will go from South to North Bihar without reaching to Patna district.

Connects NH -19 at Doriganj in Chhapra to NH -30 at Koilwar in Arrah with a four- lane bridge.

Nitish Kumar set the inspiration stone for the Ara-Chapra bridge in July 2010. He aforesaid that his would like was to attach the Bhojpuri- speaking districts.

Rs 800 large integer (US$130 million) Arrah–Chhapra Bridge in Bihar is that the longest multi-span extradosed bridge within the world.

Multi-span extra dosed direction section over the river is one,920 m long and also the bridge features a total length of four.35 km, as well as the approach spans of over two kilometer.

120 m-long navigation spans area unit supported by 5 extra dosed keep cables organized in an exceedingly single-plane harp configuration, whereas the approach spans area unit simply-supported.

Navigation spans and a couple of kilometer of the approach spans area unit composed of single-cell formed concrete box girders, whereas the remaining zero.35 kilometer of approach spans area unit cast-in-place.

September 2015, seven folks were killed once crane collapsed at Arrah-Chapra bridge construction site.The whole length of approach road on either aspect of the bridge is seventeen kilometer.

(4)Digha–Sonpur Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

digha–sonpur bridge
Digha–Sonpur Bridge

Digha–Sonpur rail–road bridge or J.P Setu is a bridge across river Ganga, connecting Digha stairs in Patna and Pahleja stairway in Sonpur, saran district within the Indian state of Bihar.

Rail-cum-road bridge provides simple route and railway link between northern and southern parts of Bihar.

 Steel bridge.Regular scheduled traveler rail service was inaugurated on this route on three February 2016.

This is often second railway bridge in Bihar when Rajendra Setu that connects North province to South province.

Indian railways has made 2 train stations on either sides of the bridge – Patliputra Junction train station (PPTA) and Bharpura Pahleja stairs Junction railway station (PHLG).

Space between the Digha-Sonpur bridge and Digha Bridge Halt(DGBH) is around 2 km.

(5)Vembanad Rail Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

vembanad rail bridge
Vembanad Rail Bridge

Vembanad Rail Bridge is rail connecting Edappally -Vallarpadam in Kochi, Kerala. With a complete length of four,620 metres, it’s the longest railway bridge in India.

Line is devoted entirely for freight.The construction of the bridge started on June 2007 and was completed on thirty one March 2010.

That Rail bridge is being engineered by Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.,Chennai PIU, A Government of India Enterprise (RVNL).

Link from Edapally to Vallarpadam begin from Edapally running three kilometer parallel to an existing track till it reaches Vaduthala.

Thus,Railway line then passes through the Vembanad Bridge through three tiny islands, together with the Idyakkara and Mulavukad islands in Vembanad Lake to achieve Vallarpadam. eightieth of the bridge is built over water.

Total of 11700 tonnes of strengthened steel, 58000 tonnes of cement, 99000 cubic meter of metal aggregates, 73500 cubic meter of sand, 127000 metric capacity unit of concrete work and 154308 cubic meter of earth work went into this project.

 Built over pile foundations at 133 locations.The bridge includes 231 girders, every weighing 220 tonnes.

132 spans consisting of thirty three spans of twenty m and ninety nine spans of forty m that are made from PSC girders and cater to electrical traction.

(6)Vikramshila Setu(Longest Bridge In India)

Longest Bridge In India

Vikramshila Setu

Vikramshila Setu is a bridge across the Ganges River, close to Bhagalpur within the Indian state of Bihar named once the traditional Mahavihara of Vikramashila that was established by King Dharmapala (783 to 820 A.D.) .

 fifth longest bridge over water in India. The 4.7 kilometer long 2 lane bridge is a link between NH eighty and NH thirty one running on the alternative sides of the Ganges River.

Runs from Barari stairs on the Bhagalpur aspect on the south bank of the Ganges River to Naugachia on the north bank.It additionally connects Bhagalpur to Purnia and Kathiar.

Has reduced significantly the road travel distance between Bhagalpur and places across the Ganges River.

However, there’s intense tie up on the bridge because of raised traffic and there’s currently a requirement to construct another bridge parallel thereto.

June 2018, another 24km-long Vikramshila -Kataria rail-cum-road bridge between Vikramshila train station (near Pirpainty south of Ganga) and Kataria train station (near Naugachia railway station) north of the Ganga , with an expenditure of Rs four,379.01 crore was approved.

(7)Bogibeel Bridge(Longest Bridge In India)

bogibeel bridge
Bogibeel Bridge

Bogibeel bridge is a combined road and rail bridge over the Brahmaputra River within the north eastern Indian state of Assam between Dhemaji district and Dibrugarh district.

Upon its expected completion at the top of 2018 the four.94 kilometer bridge, work on that was started in 2002, is the longest rail-cum-road bridge in India.

Located seventeen kilometer downstream of Dibrugarh and Dhemaji, spans the river and can connect the city of Dibrugarh within the south to Dhemaji to the river’s north.

 Is found simply over twenty kilometer far from the Assam- Arunachal Pradesh border and is therefore expected to act as an alternate to the Kolia Bhomora Setu, Tezpur in providing connectivity to almost 5 million individuals residing in upper state and Arunachal Pradesh.

Bridge can offer a connection between the Rangia-Murkongselek section of the North East Frontier Railway on the north bank of Brahmaputra and Lumding–Dibrugarh section that lies to the south of the Brahmaputra.

New Dibrugarh train station, expected to be the biggest within the region, has been planned and is to be connected to the Rangia – Murkongselek line via Chaulkhowa and Moranhat.

Railways have initiated the gauge conversion of the Dhamalgaon to Sisiborgaon railway line to the north of the bridge and commissioned the forty four kilometer Chalkhowa – Moranhat line to the south.

(8)Bandra Worli Sea Link(Longest Bridge In India)

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Longest Bridge In India

Bandra–Worli ocean Link is a cable-stayed bridge with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts on either aspect that links Bandra within the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai.

Worli bridge may be a a part of the planned Western expressway which will link the Western Suburbs to Nariman purpose in Mumbai’s main city district. Sealink throughout Early Monsoon

The ₹16 billion (US$220 million) bridge was commissioned by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), and engineered by the Hindustan Construction Company.

Primary four of the eight lanes of the bridge were opened to the general public on thirty June 2009.All eight lanes were opened on twenty four March 2010.

Sea-link reduces time period between Bandra and Worli during peak hours from 20-30 minutes to ten minutes.As of Oct 2009, BWSL had a median daily traffic of around thirty seven,500 vehicles.

(9)Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Longest Bridge In India)

mahatma gandhi setu
credit-India Today

Mahatma Gandhi Setu (also known as Gandhi Setu or Ganga Setu) is a bridge over the stream Ganges connecting Patna within the south to Hajipur within the north of Bihar.

Length is five,750 metres (18,860 ft) and it’s the second longest river bridge in India.

Was inaugurated in may 1982 by the then Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, inauguration took place at north finish of the bridge situated in Hajipur viewed by thousands of individuals.

Gandhi Setu Bridge was approved by the Central Government in 1969 and engineered by Gammon India limited over a amount of 10 years, from 1972 to 1982 with total expenditure of Rs eighty seven.22 crore at that point.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu absolutely was designed to attach North Bihar with the rest of Bihar and a part of national main road nineteen (NH19). Before this bridge was made, Rajendra Setu, opened in 1959, was the sole link to North state.

Vikramshila Setu has additionally been engineered across the Ganges. 2 more rail-cum-road bridges are presently under construction, between Digha and Sonepur and at Munger.


Indian postal department issued a commemorating postage stamp on Landmark Bridges Of India: Mahatma Gandhi Setu of denomination 0500 Paise on seventeen August 2007.

(Bridge consists forty five intermediate spans of 121.065 meters (397.19 ft) every and a span of sixty five.530 meters (214.99 ft) at every finish.)

Deck provides for a seven.5 meters (25 ft) wide multi lane road for IRC category seventy R loading with footpaths on either aspecantilever segment construction technique was adopted to construct this mega bridge. every span has 2 cantilever beams on each side that are free to move at the ends.

2 lanes one upstream and therefore the different downstream every with a dimension of around 6m. each the lanes also are free from one another and aren’t connected anywhere.

 Had been created by using 3-meter precast elements being joined at each ends to finish the span.Spans are connected by employing a Protrusion that is free to move lengthwise additionally on the stream flow.

Upwards and downward direction it’s such it permits vibration to transfer smoothly to following span whereas transport movement without a lot of distinctness.The building of the bridge price over $180,000

(10)Dr Bhupen Hazarika Bridge (Longest Bridge In India)

Dr Bhupen Hazarika Bridge
Credit-Times Of India

Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, also spoken because the Bhupen Hazarika Setu  is a beam bridge in India, connecting the northeast states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.  

Sadiya Bridge spans the Lohit river, a serious tributary of the Brahmaputra, from the village of Dhola (Tinsukia District) within the south to Sadiya to the north. 

Dhola–Sadiya Bridge is that the 1st permanent road connection between the northern Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh.

At 9.15 kilometres (5.69 mi) long, it’s the longest bridge in India.[4][5] but, the 9.76 kilometres (6.06 mi) Kacchi Dargah–Bidupur Bridge under construction within the Indian state of Bihar, is predicted to become the longest bridge in India upon its calculable completion in December 2020.

With speedy movement of India’s defense assets in mind following incursions by the Chinese Army, the Dhola–Sadiya Bridge has been designed to handle the load of 60-tonne (130,000-pound) tanks like the Indian Army’s Arjun and T-72 main battle tanks.

Since the Sino-Indian War, China has controversial India’s claim to Arunachal Pradesh, politically and militarily, on the line of Actual control, creating the bridge a very important tactical asset within the current dispute.

Longest Bridge In India

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