Details About Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand – National Park

Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand
Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand
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Valley of Flowers In Uttrakhand

Valley of Flowers In Uttrakhand yes this pretty name belongs to a wonderful place in Uttarakhand. Have you ever been dreaming to live in the scenery? The scenery which has a lovely cascade waterfall, coming from high mountains, the whole place covered with greenery.

There is a hut where you live, many types of flowers spreading there fragrance all over the place. If you had this dream ever, then we bring you a place where you can live this dream

Yes, the valley of flowers is a site like scenery, what I pictured above this is my imagination, don’t live in my imagination go there and explore your self.

The beauty of that place is never explained by words. It can be seen only through your eyes. This place is considered untouched by a human, so I want you to respect this place do not make it dirty like our cities, don’t throw any garbage plastic product into that valley

Best time to visit valley of flowers

Valley Of Flowers Opening Date 2019 – I June 2019

This place is near the Himalayas, so throughout the year it is cool during months of  November to May, the whole place is covered by ice so the best time to go there is between June to October.

This is the period when you enjoy the gifts of nature you can see many varieties of flowers, waterfalls, birds which I am sure you have never seen before. You can hear the sound of water coming through narrow trails made by nature.


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This place is located in Chamoli which is in Uttarakhand. The distance depends on the place from which you are coming from I can give you an idea about it.

  • Chandigarh to Valley of Flowers: 422 km
  • Delhi to Valley of Flowers: 441 km
  • Nagpur to Valley of Flowers: 1344 km
  • Mumbai to Valley of Flowers: 1824 km
  • Pune to Valley of Flowers: 1859 km
  • More Details On Google Map

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